Local School Information

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   Here in Downeast Coastal Maine, we are fortunate to have an abundance of educational resources in our specific region. There are many quality elementary schools, three high schools, adult education programs, an excellent small college, and a campus of the University of Maine in Ellsworth.

   Because not every town has a high school, these towns pay tuition to the selected secondary school. Families can choose any of these high schools, or any other accredited school in the state. The amount of tuition paid is restricted only to what the town would pay to attend one of these three high schools. For example, if the tuition paid to MDI High School is $6,000 per year, you'll get that stipend if you attend Carrabasset Valley Academy, but you'll have to find the rest of the $41,600 tuition on your own.

   There are two regional school administrative districts in the primary market area.

   On Mount Desert Island, serving the towns of Bar Harbor, Mount Desert, Southwest Harbor and Tremont, as well as Trenton, is the Mount Desert Island Regional School System (MDI RSS).

   Regional School (RSU) Unit 24 serves the communities of Eastbrook, Ellsworth, Franklin, Gouldsboro, Hancock, Lamoine, Mariaville, Sorrento, Steuben, Sullivan, Waltham, and Winter Harbor.

   Additionally, courses are offered by Acadia Senior College, Mount Desert Island Adult Education, College of the Atlantic, Ellsworth/Sullivan Adult Education, and the Island Montessori School.



Acadia Senior College: 207-288-9500

College of the Atlantic: 207-288-5015

Conners-Emerson Elementary School: 207-288-3631

Mount Desert Island Adult Education: 288-4703

Mount Desert Island High School: 207-288-5011


ELLSWORTH AREA Regional School Unit 24


Eastbook: Cave Hill School: 207-565-3638

Ellsworth-Sullivan Adult Education: 207-422-4794

Ellsworth Elementary-Middle School: 207-667-6241

Ellsworth High School: 207-667-4722

Franklin and Sullivan Mountain View School: 207-422-3200

Gouldsboro and Winter Harbor Peninsula Consolidated School: 207-963-2003

Hancock County Technical Center: 207-667-

Hancock Grammar School: 207-422-9024

Lamoine Consolidated School: 207-667-8578

Steuben: Ella Lewis School: 207-546-2430

Sullivan: Sumner Memorial High School: 207-422-3510



Frenchboro School: 207-


ISLESFORD (The Cranberry Isles)

The Islesford School: 207-244-3961

MOUNT DESERT (serving the towns of Northeast Harbor, Pretty Marsh, Seal Harbor, Somesville and part of Otter Creek)

Mount Desert Elementary School (in Northeast Harbor): 207-276-3348

Mount Desert Island High School (in Bar Harbor): 207-288-5011



Pemetic Elementary School: 207-244-5502

Mount Desert Island High School (in Bar Harbor): 207-288-5011



Swan's Island School: 207-526-4300


TREMONT (serving the villages of Bass Harbor, Bernard, Seal Cove and West Tremont)

Tremont Consolidated School (located between Bass Harbor and Bernard): 207-244-7777

Mount Desert Island High School (in Bar Harbor): 207-288-5011



Trenton Elementary School: 207-667-8447

Mount Desert Island High School (in Bar Harbor): 207-288-5011



Island Montessori School (located in Somesville): 207-244-3628

Maine Adult Education: 1-800-322-5455

University of Maine, Ellsworth Campus: 207-667-3897